Saturday, May 29

Mysterious Girls

To each and everyone of us, there comes a point in life where we see someone for a brief period of time, and get an instantaneous crush on them. Well to some, such moments come very often and to some, once in a while and to some, rarely. A good friend of mine, Ravindra Kumawat used to fall in love with someone every time he visited a pub, and then we'll spend the night visualizing her black dress, or makhani smooth skin, her lips etc based on his description. Similar things happened to many, though I cant recall one with so frequent crushes.

Why remember it today? Fifteen minutes ago, Kanuga, another friend of mine came from Pune, and there was this girl "Anjali" sitting next to him. As I write this blog, he is still trying to call Amit Jain .aka. Dada on his cell, so that the latter can try and retrieve some data about the dame from the ticket registration office. Anjali lives in Juhu, and has a garment business of her own in Pune.
I make this post today, believing in fate, in serendipity and in the powers that be, to those who read this, if you know the girl, drop me a line, there's someone waiting to meet her!

PS: We (males) do regret that when the time comes, we'll just stare at your(mysterious girl's) beauty, and 9 out of 10 times, you'll be gone before we'll manage to gain enough confidence to approach you, have mercy on us and please reappear often in our life :D

Friday, May 28

Maybe ... maybe not!

Maybe I'll write much in this post, maybe not ...
Maybe you'll read it, maybe not..
Maybe you 'll laugh, maybe you'll get bored.
maybe you'll never come back, maybe not..
Maybe I have too much time on my hands
maybe I am too lukkha in life...


Thursday, May 27

Of Blind dates ...

Well I've been to 2 blind dates in my life, and touchwood, didnt get stood up in either one of them. Well, before you start getting any strange Ideas, they arent dates exactly. Lets say a meeting fixed with people you havn't met before in order to get more familier. This time it was at the CGA expo I told you about.. and ya, ya ... you'll be picking on my brains asking "How was she?", so, in a nutshell she was friendly.. I have a pic for those of you who are more curious in my photoblog section.

Sometimes I still wonder why I am telling you this... but then, a Blog is meant for daily life musings, in fact, I happen to be telling me, a reminder, so hey thakkar of future, if you are reading this, remember IIT, remember friends, and remember your adventures..

-Thakkar of present

Saturday, May 22

CGA world expo, animate 2d 3d 360 degree

For past 3 days, I was visiting CGA WORLD EXPO, an animation cum gaming technology conference, at Nehru Center, Worli. IDC had also put up a stall. We had a lot of fun, In fact, I even had a blind date, the 2nd one of my life and this time too, fortunately, I didnt get stood up..

The key highlights were so many software demos, the launch of Maya 6 and a very interesting panel debate from top gaming firms of India. I think I will be able to make a game designer out of myself, Its a long road, and I have started taking up my baby steps...

more later.

Tuesday, May 18

Two princesses - twins - Which one will you go for??

I am in a dilemma..

Okay, here's the deal, the King has two daughters, twins and identical ones too .. There is a difference in tastes and as the one to come out first in delevery got the eldar status, she was the one chosen. The eldar one is the ideal bahu, she has the manners befitting a queen, she can run the entire castle alone, she can play chess and knows all the languages, she sings and is a fine-artist too. The culinary skills are exemplary! and she'll make a good mother, a good wife and a good daughter in law!

The younger one, who came out 30 sec.s after the first one and got branded as younger for life took full advantage of her title and became an untamed beast. She is also as beautiful as her elder sister, but instead of going around in silks and court material, she'd rather wear rugged working clothes. She loves jousting, fighting with swords, trekking, living up to nature and is Daddy's favorite. She knows all the basic home skills for surviving and acts a lot on instinct. She flirts directly with whom so ever she likes, she's clever, quick witted and funny, she is the perfect companion for any one!

Both show courage whenever needed, and although do freak out are always aware of thier responsibilities..So, the dilemma is, if you get a proposal from that house, which one will you go for! any answers? I for one, am unable to decide :(


For those who wonder where I got the description from, there is this saga called "A song of Ice and fire" by sir G.R.R.Martin, and the above roughly matches the escription of Lady Arya and Lady Sansa of House Stark.

Wednesday, May 12


Ellen Fremedon , a teacher someplace, writes in his journal, his innermost feelings for his students.
Mood: Grading
Tricksy studentses. Hates them, precious, yesss, we hates them. Studentses, grubbing for gradeses, grubbing and ssscraping and ssneaking, and their heads sso empty-- ssssso empty, gollum, gollum. No brains. No scrumptiously crunchable brainses, no precious, jusst air and dussst. Dussst!

Hates them. Ssstupid sstudentses, don't even read the textbook, no preciouss. They writes, and writes, and sscrawls and scribbles-- our eyes, precious, we must ruin our poor eyeses on their scratchings-- but they don't think, do they, precious? They never thinksss. Gollum. No, no thinking for them, sstupid studentses. Too good for thinking, gollum But we'll show them, preciouss, yess.

Fail them. Fail them, precious. We can bleed bright red ink all over their nassssty homeworks, yesss, precious. We can fail the studentses. Make them cry. Make them weep and wail and sssob. Yesss.

Ssstudentss. Filthy, sstinking, ssstupid studentsss. We hatess them, we hates them forever!

Obviously, he has quite a fan-following!!

Now this is Designer Wear!!


Clubthings.Com have come up with this exciting belly button flash light which is much better and less painful than a navel piercing. One has a choice of red/red or red/green flash lighting. Now this way it'll be a proper red light area man!! Flashy, ain't it!

Tuesday, May 11


My heart walks, searching for something exciting ..
that will passionately sway the beating in my chest
If I just wait for time to pass everyday..
...then nothing is going to change
I won't stop. I want to believe. I want to move forward.
I will test my strength during my life
But even if I walk faster..
I'll definitely loose track of..
the important things..
Tommorow's wind will blow tommorow
but I want to make the most of this moment now
Its fantasy, even if I'm wandering...
even if I'm in a strange new world....
I'll stand up to it .... believing in myself more than anything else
Its destiny, no matter where I am..
I am surrounded by the same sky, so I'll be able to fly
with my wings,
spread out!!!!!!!!

I've lost the will to live

Today a bombshell dropped on me...
I am in a deep crisis situation and in no mood to write anything out
So I am going to sleep and find a solution tomm.

I am sorry to all those who come here to find me, the thakkar you know does not exist at this moment ... check back later ...


Sunday, May 9

Hikaru No Go

Hikaru No Go is an excellent Japanese Anime series. Its the story of Shindou Hikaru, who learns how to play go under the guidance of the ghost Sai of Fujiwara, who was also responsible for a small farm boy Torajirou to turn in to Honinbo Shuusaku, a God go player.

Sai was disgraced and outcasted in the Hein period, but his love for the game, held him to this mortal earth. Its an interesting story of How hikaru's life changes and how he phases from a child to a young boy.

I finished watching it today... it was a story worth watching.


Saturday, May 8

This feeling I have

I have this feeling, a sense of desperetion, when it comes to looking at other persons portfolios... I have seen many, believe me, and everyone whose work I really admire is a pro in fine arts, well except for maybe anupama. Take for example, sherline, or sahal, or shounak or sachin, or sindhu . or rashmin, or gautam or hemant... every1 knows how to draw and paint both online and offline, me ?? I cant even make a curved arrow ....

Well, I have my coding skills too which most of these ppl dont have, so there is still hope. I venture forth into this unknown world of design so that we can maybe learn side by side..

Lets see what happens ...